DJDJ Films!

Wuz Gud! My name is DJ better known as David Jerry Jackson III. I was born in Augusta, Georgia. I've been to many places, because I grew up as a "military brat". I go to Rogers High school in Rogers Arkansas. I'm in a family of five. My fathers in the military reserves and working at CDC so I'm living the life. My mother is a guidance counselor too. I also have a little brother and sister and they look up to me. My brother Nicholas is the director of most of the films I do. Very impressive young man. Hes only 9 years of age. I have a very artistic side to me. I love music and play trumpet, drums, guitar, and some piano. I love to do art work such as making toy guns and stuff. Also video gaming is one of my passions. If video games weren't around the suicide rate of teenage guys would be soaring. I went pro for a little bit 2 so if you wanna lose hit me up (check contact page). Filming is something I really enjoy. Me being as creative and artistic as I am, I tend to get ideas stuck in my head. I figured filming them and putting them on the net would be my so called "therapy". If you want to know more about me check out Vlog #1 the introduction in the Vlogs tab. :) Look me up on Facebook. David Jerry Jackson III. you can contact me on myspace also. My xbox live gamertag is: DJDavidJackson. You can also see this contact information in the contact me tab.
Remember to keep god first in your life and that's that. Enjoy the videos and Live your life!